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Jetpack Jake

Apple iPhone/iPad - Published By Appsolute Games

Play as Jetpack Jake a brilliant, young, military trained astronaut. You have been chosen to infiltrate an alien base situated in Zeta Reticuli attacking earth with a nano-engineered virus. To reach the core of the base and disable the nano-laboratory you will need to use all your stealth, patience and speed.

  • Retro Pixelart Graphics
  • Awesome Chiptune Music
  • 4 Unique Worlds
  • Social Gaming
  • Infuriatingly Addictive
  • Free 2 Play!

We are responsible for all game programming, artwork and sound fx. Music was created by Motionride.

"fast paced, slick and begs just one more go" - Lee Cox, Playtester

iPhone / iPad

Buggy Boy

Nokia Series 30/40/60 - Published by Elite Systems

Buggy Boy is the ultimate driving challenge. Be prepared for the bumpiest ride of your life, over 5 of the roughest courses ever devised for 4 wheels. You must race across terrain littered with boulders, trees, brickwalls and fences whilst following the rough outline of the track through narrow valleys, across even narrower bridges and through dark tunnels.

We were commisioned to convert the arcade game to J2ME devices. All programming, graphics and sound are created by ourselves.


GameBoy Advance - Published by Rage / UbiSoft

Go the distance as the Italian Stallion in the officially licensed game based on the Rocky movie anthology. Take control of either Rocky himself or several other world famous boxers including Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, Ivan Drago or Tommy Gunn and fight your way through a variety of single or multi-player tournaments.

We designed and created the cut-scene artwork, menu graphics, logos,  fonts and additional icon symbols.

Dexter's Laboratory Chess Challenge

GameBoy Advance - Published by BAM! Entertainment

The player uses one of four chess sets featuring Dexter's Laboratory-themed pieces in the traditional game of chess. Piece captures are accompanied by animated scenes depicting the defeat of the captured piece. There is also a puzzle mode, which when completed unlocks the hardest game difficulty.

We designed and created various animated cut-scenes, background graphics, character animations and front-end graphics.

Dexter's Laboratory Deesaster Strikes

GameBoy Advance - Published by BAM! Entertainment

Dexter's sister Dee Dee enters Dexter's clone machine and creates dozens of copies of herself. Dexter has the unfortunate task of catching all of the clones and fix the machines they broke. While Dexter endeavours to catch all of the clones, he has to fight numerous monsters and robots hindering his progress.

We designed and created the front-end menu artwork, title screens, logo and font. In addition we created the artwork for a number of levels within the game world.

Samurai Jack

GameBoy Advance - Published by BAM! Entertainment

The game follows Jack's quest through seven areas to obtain the pieces of an amulet that can send him back to his own time. As more amulet pieces are collected, the player unlocks more of Jack's weapons and abilities, such as tiger claws and a battle hammer.

The artwork for Samurai Jack was created by the talented Mike Hanson, and I believe this was his first game as lead artist so kudos to him for that. Mike is responsible for the indie-hit Power-Up a few years back. Our involvement was again front-end artwork, some HUD weapon icons and a few in-game animations. Much of the work was at the end of the project, helping finalise the art assets and some pixel cleaning.


GameBoy Color - Published by SCi

Take control of a number of the famous Thunderbird vehicles and complete a whole range of rescue missions consisting of 24 levels split over 6 environments.

  • 3 layer parallax scroll - never before achieved on the GameBoy Color!
  • Hi-Colour Animated cut-scenes, to help develop the plot between missions.
  • Multiple game pickups to help you battle the various enemies.
  • Plenty of bonus levels and secret areas to keep you exploring for months.

Thunderbirds was a huge success and actually knocked Pokemon:Yellow off the top spot at Christmas 2000 in's chart. The game received the Electronics Boutique Game of the Year award. We were responsible for all programming, artwork and soundfx/music.

Electronics Boutique GOTY Award
Best GameBoy Game of 2000: Thunderbirds 

"A variety of game styles bring the classic sci-fi series to life with considerable class.
Graphics, sound, gameplay,
Thunderbirds has it all."

"A ripping adventure with very carefully set difficulty levels, great graphics and sounds, and a real sense of character"

"Thunderbirds truly does justice to the legendary adventures of International Rescue"

"Both Thunderbirds fans and fans of great videogames will love this exciting, well-made game, with no strings attached"

"Absolutely F-A-B Action!"

"Thunderbirds is a darn good game, and whether you're a fan of string-controlled puppet drama or not, you're going to like this involving new title"

"An absolutely FAB Game Boy Color title!"

"Thunderbirds is incredibly well designed and great fun..."

Cool Bricks

GameBoy Color - Published by SCi

This was actually the first release which we wrote and sold directly to a publisher for the GameBoy Color, consequently we're very proud of it. This game received great reviews and was also featured on BBC's John Craven's Newsround.

We created and designed this title from the ground up and improved on the standard Arkanoid model of gameplay. Incredibly addictive and featuring 200+ colours on-screen it was also technically excellent.

"You can't go far wrong with Cool Bricks"

"An addictive challenging puzzler"

"Its puzzle paradise"

"Mad for it"

"I'd recommend this game to anyone"

"An incredibly enjoyable game - impossible to put down"

"Darn good fun"

"Tremendously fun game with balls"

Mia Hamm Soccer Shootout

GameBoy Color - Published by Southpeak Interactive
A great pocket football and strategy game based around the player Mia Hamm. Our involvement is purely for the front-end Hi-Colour work, menus, UI components and fonts.

Mickey Mania

PC - Published by Disney Interactive / Psygnosis
Originally released on the Sega Megadrive with beautifully animated characters and a variety of game sub-genres from the main platformer game. We were commisioned to create a PC conversion as we had previously showcased our Mode13 PC engine featuring multiple layers of parallax and compiled sprites. We were responsible for all programming, resampling and cleaning of art assets from the Megadrive.


Sega Megadrive - Published by Ocean / Time Warner Interactive

The game was played from an overhead/isometric perspective with the player controlling the Mariner's boat on the ocean. The point of the game was to destroy the Smokers' boats and protect Atoll.

We created the title screen logos and fonts, including the publisher logos. In addition we created the artwork for the various side-view scrolling scenes.

X-It / Zonked

Amiga - Published by Psygnosis

Bill has decided he's going to give up fish and chips - they're bad for his health. The last time he had any, he was kidnapped by aliens and dumped in a deep space junk yard to find his own way home. It's okay because you can get him home by solving the aliens' cunning puzzles.

Our involvement in this title includes, game design mechanics, all game graphics, programming and level design.

James Pond 2 Robocod

GameBoy Mono - Published by Ocean / Millenium

Dr. Maybe's dangerously fishy plans for world domination continue. We have learned from Washington and the Kremlin that he has taken over the central toy factory on the North Pole and has sabotaged an unknown number of toys disguised as penguins with tiny but lethal explosive charges. If they are not defused within 48 hours they will be distributed throughout the globe and wreak havoc throughout Christmas.

James Pond bubbles to the rescue as RoboCod. His mission is tough but straightforward. Infiltrate the factory and free the penguins.